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Fine I’ll fetch

Submitted by Lisa on 10/14/2019

pete fetches his jolly ball..

Ryan says:
Very cool trick

Steve says:
They’re entertaining. We need wholesome entertainment in today’s world

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41 votes
Beached Colt

Submitted by Erin on 10/12/2019

Horse gets stuck rolling in beach sand

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28 votes
A Day at the Ranch

Submitted by Russell on 11/1/2019

Horse Temper Tantrum, Horse vs. Dog fetch, Cat steals the show .....

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10 votes
Bad Jerry

Submitted by Michelle on 10/4/2019

A clever mini horse finding his way into a pasture he’s not supposed to be in!

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7 votes
Red Solo Cup

Submitted by Allen on 10/7/2019

GoGo playing his Red Solo Ice Cup!

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